First of all, welcoming you to my website and wishing you to feel like at home while telling you some hints about my professional and personal life, which, in the end, are a single life. 

I was born in the beautiful city of San Sebastian, in Northern Spain. I currently live in London, having lived before in several Spanish cities as well as in other countries such as France and Ireland.

I've always been a curious and passionate person, and it was already in my teens that I began to develop an interest in personal development, first, and in social causes, shortly after.

After graduating at the age of 23 in Economics and Business Management, my first steps into the world of work began in the private enterprises sector, working as a consultant in business strategy for several years, experience that would later help me to transfer the knowledge acquired to the management and direction of Social Organizations.

As a very curious and committed person, and having worked as a volunteer since I was 16 years old, at the age of 27 years I changed my life and started working in the field of psychoeducational intervention. I trained as a psychotherapist for intervention and prevention of substance abuse and other addictive behaviours and as a coach, and moved by the interest aroused on me the education as a basis for both, personal & social development, I went back to college to study Social Education while working at the same time.

At the age of 35, I moved to Ireland, where I worked as youth worker within the Traveller Community, and as an activist in the defence of the Traveller`s social and cultural rights and for intercultural understanding.

Back in Spain, and while working as Managing Director of the Spanish branch of the European Anti Poverty Network, my growing interest in cultural diversity and in gender equality took me to pursue postgraduate studies on Immigration & Multiculturalism, on Social & Cultural Anthropology and on Gender studies.

Also, for several years, due to my great interest in other cultures, the desire for a more equitable and fairer world and the struggle for a real gender equality, I have been collaborating in development cooperation programs and in women support and empowerment programs in several countries such as Ireland, Nepal, Guatemala, Bolivia or India.

Today, after more than twenty years working within the Spanish and European Social Third Sector, both as a volunteer and professionally, I have moved to London, where I live with my partner and children, and where I work as a social educator, delivering workshops on personal and professional skills development, and on gender equality, social inclusion and intercultural understanding and as a consultant and trainer on social organizations management. 


  • Economics and Business University Degree (Deusto University)
  • Social Education Bachelor´s  Degree (UNED University)
  • Master´s Degree on Immigration & Interculturality (UCLM University)
  • Master´s Degree on Social & Cultural Anthropology (Complutense University) & Anthropology of  Gender Specialist (Euroinnova School)
  • Professional Master on Personal, Executive & Organisational Coaching (European Institute for Business Studies- INESEM) 
  • Strategic Management and Social Leadership Program (IESE Business School)   
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner (Instituto Potencial Humano)
  • Bach Flowers Remedies and Reiki Mastery (Reiki Spanish Federation)