• Co-Founder of Global Intercultural Sisterhood an organisation which brings together women & girls from all walks of life, from different social, educational, class, sexual orientation, cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds to grow up together, to challenge women`s issues and inequality and to promote interculturality.
  • Since September 2016, a member of the Women`s Interfaith Networka movement of women committed to building a more trusting and inclusive society looking for a deep-seated change in the way we relate to people of other religions and cultures, where similarities are celebrated and differences are not considered hurdles to friendship.
  • Since June 2015, collaborating as a learning facilitator with the “Liga Española de la Educación” (Spanish League for Education), an organization aimed at implementing   socio-educational and cultural intervention programs for priority sectors   such as childhood, family, youth, immigration, public school, education for citizenship or international cooperation.  
  • Since 2013, member of the Consultive Board of the “Asociación con la A”, an association aimed at fighting for Gender   Equality and Equity.  
  • Since 2004, collaborating with several women empowerment programs in Spain and in other countries such as Ireland (2004-2006); Guatemala (August 2011); Nepal (August 2012); Bolivia (August 2013) or India (2015)

For more information about my social activism on Gender Equality, Intercultural Understanding and Social Inclusion, please visit